A Kingdom Build – Update.  July 9, 2017

On behalf of the Elders, I am pleased to bring an up-date regarding our AKB – A Kingdom Build Project.

As Elders, we are committed to provide better Ministry space for our growing Children and Family Ministries, Teaching Ministries, Outreach Ministries, and our community here in downtown Hamilton.  The AKB project was developed to focus on improving our space for advancing Ministry.  That focus remains unchanged.

Earlier this year, The AKB Steering committee made a recommendation to the Board that the most urgent need is construction of a children’s ministry area.  The Steering committee also undertook a thorough investigation of potential funding raising consultants, their potential scope, recommendations, areas of potential assistance and relative cost. 

Over the past few months, the Elders have been reviewing attendance records, offering and income levels along with maintenance needs of the current facility while revisiting the 2013 AKB plan.  At the same time, the Board discussed potential options for repairing our current facility or moving ahead with the AKB project.

At the May Board of Elders meeting, a motion was passed confirming the direction to proceed with a new build over renovation.  The Board motion as recorded states:

“Confirm new build over renovation; task the AKB Steering Committee to investigate other revenue sources including development and/or sale of church properties and to report back to the Board at their earliest convenience”

Once this new information is compiled we will collectively be in a better position to make informed decisions on the best path forward.  We will all be involved in that process.

Please feel free to approach any of your Elders if you have questions or concerns.


Standen Snider

Philpott Memorial Church

Chair.  Board of Elders


In April, 2013, the members present at the Annual Ministry Meeting voted to proceed with the A Kingdom Build project. AKB is a facility improvement plan meant to help us better meet the needs of our mission in downtown Hamilton. The following AKB documents provide information about the process so far:

Phase 1C (June 2014)
Case to Fundraise (June 2013)
Case to Proceed (April 2013)
Case for Support (February 2012)

For more information about the A Kingdom Build project, or to ask about how you can support the project, please contact: akb@acommunityofgrace.org