Why celebrate Lent?

I’m really looking forward to Lent, beginning this week with Ash Wednesday.  More and more, evangelical churches are observing Lent and other dates in the Christian calendar. These can be wonderful seasons of concentrated prayer and reflection. Many people find that these times help them to reflect on the life of Jesus and to respond in renewed ways to his love and sacrifice. Lent is a time of repentance and cleansing, and a reminder that we are “dust” and that our only hope is in the resurrection of Jesus.  Fasting, prayer and giving are three of the traditional practices associated with Lent.  Whatever we may choose to do for Lent, I pray that it will clear away the debris and help us to hear from God in needed ways. I pray that it will make us more available to God, more able to hear His voice, and more willing to respond in the ways He leads.

 - Val Harvey