The Breakfast Club


Join us at The Breakfast Club Sunday morning in the Vine Building for interactive discussion and good food. All are welcome.

The Beatitudes - It doesn’t come through clearly in English translations, but the phrase “and he began to teach them” in the original language means that this was an intentional and formal time of teaching. Jesus is holding a class and purposefully teaching His disciples the essentials of what it means to follow Him. This is information Jesus wants us to know and put into practice as His followers so that we can experience the blessings He wants to share with us. If we fail to understand and practice what Jesus is teaching in these few verses we will be building lives on a foundation of sand rather than solid rock (Matthew 7: 24-27).

The Breakfast Club 2017-18 starting September 17 In the Vine Building, 9:15 for coffee.

Philpott Church is a community of grace, rooted together in the gospel, that exists to glorify God by making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to the celebration of God, the cultivation of deeper faith, and the restoration of our community, our city, and the nations.  "We long to see you, so that we may be mutually encouraged by each others'  faith" Romans 1:11-12

Facilitators for the discussion:
Mick Brown, Dean Billings, Caroline Sears,
David Harvey

For further info: contact Val Harvey at 905-628-6572 or
or Pat Major at