125th Anniversary "Missions Sunday".....


Over the last 125 years, our church has sent out more that 120 long-term missionaries, as well as many short-term missionaries and facilitated shorter mission trips.

We are celebrating our commitment to missions on Sunday, May 28, with a program looking at “Missions Past” (thanking God for so many faithful servants and their legacies), “Missions Present” (our current focus on both global and local ministries) and “Missions Future” (how we can use new and emerging technology to spread the good news).

We will begin the day with a breakfast for all, followed by programs for adults and children before the service at which our guest speaker, Dr. Sunder Krishnan from Toronto will speak on “The Power of a Clear Command”. 

Part 2 of the celebration will begin at 5 p.m. with another meal together, further reflections on missions again including a family emphasis, and a second message from Dr. Krishnan on “Strategic Intercession”.

Mark this day in your calendar as we celebrate Missions together.