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Scripture Reading: Numbers 1-10

Discussion Questions

  1. Ever since Exodus chapter 19 and all through the book of Leviticus, Israel has been receiving instructions as to how to worship and obey God. What kind of things did they learn and how do those things relate to your life?

  2. In the book of Numbers, we learn all about the cost of disobedience. It can be seen in disease, death, division and deprivation. Have you ever experienced this in your own life? How? When?

  3. What spiritual principle do we see in the camping diagram of Israel?

    i) How can it be applied in your own life?

  4. What spiritual principle do we see in the marching diagram of Israel?

    i) How can that principle be applied to our own lives?

  5. What is the number one priciple for spiritual success and victory?

    i) What would it look like in your own life?

The Ten Commandments - Part 2


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 40:9-25

  1. Why would Israel even consider worshiping God?

    i) How did God rescue them?

    ii) How did God rescue you?

  2. Are there any other Gods besides Jehovah?

    i) What does idolatry do to our view of God?

    ii) What does idolatry do to our relationship with God?

  3. How does the Bible show the foolishness of idolatry?

  4. What is so important about the name of God?

  5. In what ways can we take the name of God in ‘vain’?

    i) How does this happen in our lives?