The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 8 - Study Guide


Scripture Reading: John 8:42-59

Key Thought: Jesus is God!

  1. Can you name the seven ``I Am`` statements?

  2. Which of these statements has the most meaning for you?

  3. Can we trust the truth of these statements?

    i) How do we know?

  4. Have you ever been angry with God?

    i) How did that affect your Christian life?

  5. Can you think of any of your basic beliefs that are contrary to God’s word?

  6. Where do we see pride in this text?

    i) What does it do? Can it happen to us?

  7. Why do the people in this text not understand what Jesus is saying?

  8. What is the most fundamental belief in this chapter and in John’s Gospel?

True City Conference 2019

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This year’s opening speaker was Lane Fusilier former Senior Pastor of Philpott Memorial Church on Friday night. Saturday had 6 different passionate story tellers sharing with us their own faith stories. Finally, the closing speaker for Saturday was Jenn Arnold founding member of 541 Eatery and Exchange and part of St.Clair Community Church.

Friday Evening Session

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The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 7 - The True Vine


Scripture Reading: John 15:1-8

Key Thought: Stay Connected!

  1. What do we learn about Jesus from the “I Am” statements?

    i) How does it apply to your life?

  2. How does Jesus encourage the disciples in the midst of their fear?

  3. What gifts does Jesus give the disciples that will help them in their time of difficulty?

  4. What did the vine represent in the Old Testament?

  5. In what way is Jesus the true Vine?

  6. What is the purpose of the Vine?

  7. What is the purpose of the branches?

  8. How are you doing as a branch?

  9. What would God have to prune to make you more effective?

The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 6 - The Way, The Truth and The Life


Scripture Reading: John 13:31-14:6

  1. Who is Jesus speaking to in the 2nd part of John’s Gospel?

  2. Why is he speaking to them?

  3. Could you or have you ever done what they have done?

  4. What does Jesus tell the disciples that makes them have fear?

    i) Have you ever had fear like that?

  5. What does Jesus tell them that gives them comfort?

  6. When Jesus says that is the way what does he mean?

    i) How is he the way for you?

  7. When Jesus says he is the truth, what is he the truth about?

    i) How should this affect you?

  8. When Jesus says he is the life, in what way or ways is Jesus the life of the believer?

The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 5 - The Resurrection and the Life


Scripture Reading: John 11:1-11, 17-37

  1. In what way is this miracle prophetic?

  2. How does this miracle help you see “Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God”?

  3. How do you feel about Jesus not going to see the family when he gets the message that Lazarus was sick?

  4. Why do the disciples need to believe more?

    i) What is their problem?

    ii) Have you ever had that problem?

  5. What do the sisters think would have prevented Lazarus from dying?

    i) Do you think they were right?

  6. How does Martha show us that having a good theology is not always seeing the important truth?

  7. Why is Caiaphas so angry?

  8. Why is the truth of the resurrection so important and so fearful?

Who is that Guy?


Scripture Reading: John 10:11-21

Key Thought: Take some time to reflect on John 10:11-18 and the 23rd Psalm, and how it shapes your answer to the question the disciples ask in Mark 4:41, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

  1. Think about a time when someone asked you what you did. How did you answer them?

  2. How closely do you identify with what you do, and how does this shape who you are?

  3. If someone were to ask you who Jesus Christ is, how would you answer?

  4. When Jesus says in John 10:11 “I am the Good shepherd”, what do you think of and how does that shape your understanding of Christ?

  5. What do you think Jesus means when he refers to himself as “Good”?

    i) How might this differ from how the world use the term “Good”?

  6. Describe a time when someone made a sacrifice for your benefit.

    i) How did it make you feel?

  7. What comes to mind when Jesus says he “Lays down his life”?

  8. What does it mean to be known by Christ?

    i) What does it mean to know Christ?

  9. In the message, Dave makes a distinction between life and death, and death and life. Do you agree/disagree with this distinction? How does this impact your understanding of who Christ is and why?

The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 4 - The Door


Scripture Reading: John 10:1-10

  1. How is the proverb of the sheep pen connected to the controversy over the healing of the blind man in John 9?

  2. What is the larger background debate that Jesus enters into here?

  3. How does this passage contribute to John’s purpose statement in John 20:30-31

  4. Who does Jesus exclude or include by calling himself a door?

  5. What is on the other side of “the door”?

    Notable Passages

    Psalm 118 ( especially vs 19-24 )

    Ezekiel 34 ( especially vs 11-16 )

    Ezekiel 37:15-28

    Matthew 23:13

    John 4:1-26 ( v. 21, “Are you greater than our father Jacob?” )

    John 8:30-53 ( v.53, “Are you greater than our father Abraham?” )

    Romans 9-11 ( especially 9:23-26, 11:17-32 )

    Ephesians 2:11-22

The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 3 - The Light of the World


Scripture Reading: John 7:37-44, John 8:12-20

  1. What is John trying to prove, and how does he try to prove it?

  2. What is important to note and remember about the “I AM” statements?

  3. Who are the people confused about Jesus and why?

  4. Do you understand their confusion?

  5. How have you misunderstood Jesus?

  6. What two traditions of the Jews does Jesus use to speak of himself? What two claims does Jesus make?

  7. How Does Jesus show that he is the light? What is the impact of the blind man? How have you been impacted by Jesus’ healing?

  8. What were the barriers to belief for the Pharisees? What are the barriers to belief for you, friends or family who don’t know Jesus?

  9. How Does one go about following Jesus, the light? Where are you at in that process?

The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 2 - The Bread of Life

Scripture Reading: John 6:41-60

Key Thought: Getting Jesus into your life

  1. What is the purpose of John’s gospel?

  2. What is the crowd’s reaction to the miracles of Jesus?

  3. What do you think you would have thought if you were there?

  4. What is the ‘work’ the pleases God?

  5. How would you say you are doing in that respect?

  6. In what way is Jesus compared to Moses?

  7. What are some of the difficulties people have when Jesus says that he is the true bread that has come down from heaven?

  8. How do we understand eating Christ’s body and drinking Christ’s blood?

  9. Have you ever faced confusion that made you think about giving up your faith?

  10. Why do Peter and the other 10 remain with Jesus?