D-Structive Sins - Part 5 - Defeat


Sermon Reading:Hebrews 3:7-19

Key Thought: Where sin abounded grace abounded much more

  1. Which is the most significant of the D-structive Sins?

  2. Have you found this true in your own life?

  3. What is the fundamental characteristic of sin?

  4. Is it possible that Idolatry and Rebellion are so present in our lives that they go unnoticed?

  5. What do we learn about God when he actually takes the Israelites into the Promise Land?

  6. Where else do we see this in the Old Testament?

  7. What is it that God wants for the human being?

  8. Why can we not become this ourselves?

  9. What are we invited to?

  10. How do we get it?

  11. When can we have it?