Pentecost Sunday


God's Grandeur By Priest Poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1877) read by Austin Fusilier

Numbers 11:24-30

  • John 14:15-18
  • John 14:25-26
  • John 16:5-15


  • What comforts you in these words?
  • What is unsettling in these words?
  • Do you believe Jesus when he says it is better for him to go?
  • Can you think of examples of the Spirit reminding someone of Jesus' teaching?
  • What does it mean for the Spirit to convict the world of sin and of righteousness?
  • How is God challenging you to respond to these words?
  • How should we live differently in light of the Spirit's presence with us?

Acts 2:1-14a

Acts 2:14b-24