The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 3 - The Light of the World


Scripture Reading: John 7:37-44, John 8:12-20

  1. What is John trying to prove, and how does he try to prove it?

  2. What is important to note and remember about the “I AM” statements?

  3. Who are the people confused about Jesus and why?

  4. Do you understand their confusion?

  5. How have you misunderstood Jesus?

  6. What two traditions of the Jews does Jesus use to speak of himself? What two claims does Jesus make?

  7. How Does Jesus show that he is the light? What is the impact of the blind man? How have you been impacted by Jesus’ healing?

  8. What were the barriers to belief for the Pharisees? What are the barriers to belief for you, friends or family who don’t know Jesus?

  9. How Does one go about following Jesus, the light? Where are you at in that process?