The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Intro


Scripture Reading: John 9:35-41, 20:30-31

Key Thought: Faith is a dynamic thing!

There is no theme in the Gospel of John that is more important than faith.

The Prologue - John 1:1-18 vs 12

The Prayer - John 17:3

The Purpose Statement - John 20:20, 31

The word “belief” is used 98 times in the Gospel!

Not all faith is true faith - John 2:23-25

  1. What kind of faith would be false faith?

Some unbelief is lethal to true faith - John 12:37

2. What kind of faith would be ‘lethal’ faith?

There is a difference between ‘believing not’ and ‘not believing’

Faith is a dynamic growing thing -

a) The Disciples

b) The Woman at the well (Chapter 4)

c) The Blind Man (Chapter 9)

3. What would dynamic faith look like?

4. Do you see this dynamic in your life?