The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 8 - Study Guide


Scripture Reading: John 8:42-59

Key Thought: Jesus is God!

  1. Can you name the seven ``I Am`` statements?

  2. Which of these statements has the most meaning for you?

  3. Can we trust the truth of these statements?

    i) How do we know?

  4. Have you ever been angry with God?

    i) How did that affect your Christian life?

  5. Can you think of any of your basic beliefs that are contrary to God’s word?

  6. Where do we see pride in this text?

    i) What does it do? Can it happen to us?

  7. Why do the people in this text not understand what Jesus is saying?

  8. What is the most fundamental belief in this chapter and in John’s Gospel?