Following Jesus for the Right Reasons


Scripture Reading: John 6:1-15

Key Thought: Following Jesus for the right reasons

  1. What are some of the ways we may be tempted to follow Jesus for the wrong reasons today?

    i) How do these correspond to the text of John 6:1-15?

  2. What was the motivation of the people to follow Jesus in John 6:1-15? (See also Matt 14:14, Mark 6:34).

    i) What motivates you today to follow Jesus?

  3. In your own words describe what recognizing the limitations of my own self-sufficiencylooks like in your personal walk with Jesus today.

    i) How is this evidenced in your life?

  4. In following Jesus for the right reasons, we must learn to do nothing (John 6:10). What does this mean to us today and how do we reconcile this with Matthew 6:33?

  5. What does it mean to be content in following Jesus today?

    i) Look at Phil. 4:11-12, why are we today often not content?

    ii) What are some practical steps to practice contentment in your walk with Jesus today?

His Story - Part 6 - Resurrection


Scripture Reading: John 20:1-18

Key Thought: He is RISEN!!

  1. What is the Kerygma?

    i) Why is it important?

  2. What does the resurrection prove?

    i) What is it important to the Christian Faith?

  3. What do we learn from Mary Magdalene, The Disciples, and the person on the road to Emmaus?

    i) How does this teach us about faith?

  4. In what way is the believer empowered by the truth of of the resurrection?

    i) What does the believer receive because Christ is raised?

  5. The resurrection is prophetic. What does it picture?

    i) How does this help you grow in your faith?

His Story - Part 5 - Jesus: King


Scripture Reading: John 12:12-26

Key Thought: Jesus King

  1. What is the fundamental sin of human beings?

    i) Where do you see this sin in your life?

  2. When Jesus is called the 2nd Adam, what does this mean?

  3. When we talk about “A Murder Announced”, how was the murder of Christ announced?

    i) Can you name biblical texts where his murder was announced?

  4. Why is it important that Jesus is not just a man but a king?

    i) What significance does that have for your life?

  5. How would you explain Jesus as 2nd Adam, Son of God, King, and Priest?

    i) How does it come all together and how does it affect your spiritual life?

His Story - Part 4 - Jesus: Priest


Scripture Reading: Hebrews 1-2

Key Thought: We have a High Priest who can relate to us in every way!!!

  1. Why can we not make our way back to God?

  2. What is the Promise in Genesis 3 that gives us hope?

  3. In what ways does Hebrews show us that Jesus is God?

    i) Why is this important?

  4. Why would the writer spend time showing us that The son is superior to angels?

    i) How does he do this?

  5. After the writer shows us Jesus is superior to the angels, why would he tell us that Jesus became a little lower than the angels?

  6. Why would Jesus become a little lower than the angels?

    i) How do these truths give us encouragement in our spiritual lives?

His Story - Part 3 - Humans


Scripture Reading: Genesis 3

  1. In what ways are humans different from other created beings?

  2. When we say that humans were created ‘good’ what two things do we mean?

  3. Describe the initial conditions of the humans.

    i) How does it resonate with your deep desires?

  4. In our society today, how does ‘the dream’ manifest itself?

    i) What is the Canadian dream?

  5. What is the fundamental question that the Serpent poses?

    i) Do you ever ask this question?

  6. Describe the ‘train wreck’ that takes place as a result of the humans choice.

    i) Do we still face some of these issues in our lives?

  7. Can humans fix the fundamental problem? If so, how and if not, why not?

The "I Am's" of John's Gospel - Part 8 - Study Guide


Scripture Reading: John 8:42-59

Key Thought: Jesus is God!

  1. Can you name the seven ``I Am`` statements?

  2. Which of these statements has the most meaning for you?

  3. Can we trust the truth of these statements?

    i) How do we know?

  4. Have you ever been angry with God?

    i) How did that affect your Christian life?

  5. Can you think of any of your basic beliefs that are contrary to God’s word?

  6. Where do we see pride in this text?

    i) What does it do? Can it happen to us?

  7. Why do the people in this text not understand what Jesus is saying?

  8. What is the most fundamental belief in this chapter and in John’s Gospel?

True City Conference 2019

TC IMAGES.001.jpeg

This year’s opening speaker was Lane Fusilier former Senior Pastor of Philpott Memorial Church on Friday night. Saturday had 6 different passionate story tellers sharing with us their own faith stories. Finally, the closing speaker for Saturday was Jenn Arnold founding member of 541 Eatery and Exchange and part of St.Clair Community Church.

Friday Evening Session

Saturday Morning Sessions - Part 1

Saturday Morning Sessions - Part 2

Saturday Afternoon Session