Church Administrator James Dean

Don’t let the title “administrator” fool you – James wears many hats, and if you’re not sure who to ask, there’s a good chance he’s your man. James’ role has him overseeing the use and upkeep of our facilities. James also manages our ministry systems, agendas, volunteers, and schedules. James handles these responsibilities not just because he’s good at them, but in order to free others up to spend time in Gospel ministry.

James was born in England and then educated at Central Secondary School in Hamilton, Mohawk College and the University of Guelph. By the time he joined our staff team in 2007, James’ career accomplishments were diverse: for thirty-five years he owned and operated a music retail store and music school in Hamilton with his wife Lia. For eleven years, James served as Executive Director of the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. It was through the ministry of Philpott Church (the Alpha program) that James met and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

In his spare time, James enjoys traveling and sailing. James and Lia have two grown sons, Michael (who is married to Renata, and gave Lia and James their first grandchild, Aniela) and Christopher.