Visitation Pastor Bram van Overbeeke

Bram was born and raised in the Netherlands, and came to Canada in 1963. He became a teacher and taught for forty-one years at various private Christian schools, thirteen of these also as principal. His favorite subjects to teach were Bible, church history, math, English, and history.

During most of their married life Bram and his wife Mineke were foster parents (over forty years) and more than seventy children – mainly babies and toddlers – got their start in life in the van Overbeeke home. Bram and Mineke are still in touch with many of these children (now adults) to this day.

After retiring from teaching they joined Philpott where Bram became involved visiting those in hospitals and the elderly who are unable to attend regular worship anymore. While those he visits are quite overjoyed to see him, Bram is convinced that these visits are just as great a blessing to him as to those he visits!

When not visiting, he and his wife Mineke might be found in the company of any of their five children and sixteen grandchildren, gardening, traveling, reading, and participating in their Growth Group activities.