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Lew Worrad presently functions in the position of Church Consultant for the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada and as Leadership Consultant for the Brethren Churches of Romania.  In addition, Lew continues his work with the Theological Faculty of Cru in Eastern Europe. He did his graduate studies at Cornell, Lehigh and New York Universities.  Throughout his career, Lew has been involved in both the pastoral and educational fields. He has served as Dean of the New York School of the Bible, Chairman of the Philosophy Dept. of The King's College and Chairman of the Pastoral Studies Dept. at Ontario Bible College. He has taught and lectured in many European, Russian and Asian Universities. He has also served as a faculty member of the Linguistics University in Moscow, Russia. In recognition of his academic achievements and contribution to the educational process in Kazakhstan, the Kazak American Free University awarded him degree of Doctor and Professor. Lew has also established Bible Schools and a Theological Seminary in Central Asia.

           His pastoral ministry has been international. He has served at Calvary Baptist Church in New York City; Philpott Memorial Church in Hamilton, Ont., Word of Christ Church in Moscow, Russia and Rainbow Church in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

           Most recently Lew has been involved in the process of helping churches that are in transition. He has just completed a term with Oakridge Bible Chapel in Oakville, ON. Lew continues with his overseas ministries and has just recently returned from Poland.   

He resides with his wife, Marguerite, in Ingersoll, ON, Canada.